Vintage Houses

of Stone Harbor, New Jersey

The Stone Harbor Museum endeavors to encourage the preservation of the unique heritage of Stone Harbor. The establishment of the “Vintage Houses of Stone Harbor” program formally recognizes and celebrates certified houses. For a complete listing of all the vintage houses in Stone Harbor, please visit the museum at 9410 2nd Ave in Stone Harbor.

Criteria for certification could include:

  • Built circa 1950’s and earlier.
  • Property embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type, period, or method of construction.

A certified Vintage House of Stone Harbor will receive:

  • Authorization to display one 14″ x 10″ solid cast aluminum oval official Vintage House plaque with the date of the house in the center
  • If unsure of the original construction date, the Museum will do the research to determine the accurate date
  • One signed & sealed certificate suitable for framing
  • Listing in the Walking/biking Tour of Vintage Houses brochure
  • Total cost $125, includes all of the above + shipping & tax

We encourage you to join us in taking pride in our history and help celebrate our unique past!

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Click here to apply for a Vintage House Plaque online
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If you would like more information on the Vintage House program please contact our Project Director at


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