Our Current Exhibits

Check out Stone Harbor Museum’s educational and exciting exhibits!

Bird Sanctuary

The Bird Sanctuary at 110th Street has been a big part of Stone Harbor’s history.

Taylor Swift

Before she was a megastar, Taylor was singing in Stone Harbor.

Bathing Fashions

Our collection of old bathing suits goes back to the turn of the last century.


Rufwud was built in 1914 and owned by one family who kept it in it’s original shape until it was sold in 2018. Many of it’s original contents were given to the Museum and are displayed here.


Our timeline goes back to the first deed for the island and picks up when the island was developed around 1900.

Nautical Room

Our nautical room has a comet sailing boat that was built in Stone Harbor and lots more.

Local Businesses

The Museum celebrates local businesses which have become historical icons.

History Binders

The very heart of our museum is this extensive selection of binders which hold the history of the town, organized by topic. For the serious researchers or the interested visitors they are full of information that can engage one for hours.


Our archive committee meets every Thursday morning to keep up with current developments.

More Museum Displays

Address: 9410 2nd Ave, Stone Harbor