Just for Fun

Just for Fun

We like to have fun at the Museum.  When we aren’t archiving artifacts and photos or producing videos, we like to find other ways to keep our patrons entertained.

With that in mind, Welcome to our Just for Fun Web page! 

Here you’ll find a JigSaw Puzzle of a Stone Harbor photo, a crossword puzzle with clues using Stone Harbor history, and word search using places of interest in and around Stone Harbor.

We also have a contest where everyone is a winner!  We have great old photos going back 120 years.  You have computers, photoshop and a 21st century imagination.  What happens when the two come together?  Who knows?  But it will be fun to find out.  We have posted 5 of our favorite old photos below for you to download and manipulate.  Work on one photo or use all twelve, make a collage, colorize them, cut them up or join with new photos and share what you come up with. This is all about creativity and having fun.  Make us laugh, make us open our eyes and say, “Wow!”

We have set this up so that we can refresh the puzzles and pictures with new challenges every month.  It looks like we will be stuck inside for a while longer and we hope that these activities will fill some time with creativity and indoor fun.

Enjoy a Jigsaw Puzzle of a Picture of Stone Harbor

Here’s the Original Picture

Here’s the Jigsaw Puzzle of that same Picture

Enjoy a crossword puzzle of Stone Harbor Picture

Enjoy a Word Search using Stone Harbor sights

A non-contest where everyone is a winner !


Here is what you do

  1. Copy or download your favorite photos below.

  2. Manipulate the photo in any way you choose.  Try different approaches and different effects.  Try your best to make the old new.  Have fun.

  3. Sent in your best effort to stoneharborcontest@gmail.com

  4. We will put up all of the photos on our web site and the best of them on our Facebook page.

  5. You own the finished project but you must give us permission to make use of your work to benefit the museum.

  6. You can submit up to one photo a week and the program will run as long as you are having fun with it.  If it is working well we might put up new sets of photos as we move along.


Download and have fun coloring this picture

We hope you enjoy some of these activities and look forward to seeing you soon at the Museum.  Until then,

Have some Fun !